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Tier / Length 0-10 min 10-60 min 60-Longer min
Tier 1 $30$30$30
Tier 2 $20$20$20
Tier 3 $5$5$5

Country Groups :

Tier # Country
Tier 1 United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Tier 2 Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway
Tier 3 Other countries

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You can easily grow your earnings exponentially with our new "Add To My Account" feature. This system is designed to help uploaders gain benefit from their videos anytime others copy them into their account. The original uploader earns 30% of the profits earned from the copied videos. Also note that we support multi-tiered copying, meaning that if a copy of your video was copied again you will still earn 30% of the profit.

Our payout rates do not carry any levels.

We pay up to 30$ per 10,000 video views independent on video length. We count views from ALL countries! We pay you 10% of your referrals' earnings; this is the highest payout you will find for any video hosting service. Easy, quick and painless uploads via FTP and remote upload.

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1. Register an account. It's free, fast and easy!
2. Upload a video to TheVideo and get the video link.
3. Post your video or video link to your website, forum and/or blog.
4. For every time someone views your video, you can earn up to 30$ per 10,000 video views.

Rewards FAQ

When a user (unique IP) views the video, we count one qualified view for that unique IP in every 24 hours.
We will count it for 1 view. For each user (unique IP), we will count 1 view in 24 hours. In this case, an anonymous user views five videos from your account in 24 hours; we will count it for one qualified view.
No, you will still be paid even if you are a free member. But you will need to join our affiliate program before start earning money. Simply enter your payment account info via Earnings page.
You can earn 5% commission of all premium accounts sold through your site. For every referrer that comes from your site and buys a premium account you will receive 5% of the account's price. Add your site to My Sites now!
Please notice that the statistics in Earnings is a sum of your View Count Earnings and Referral Earnings. The statistics in My Sites is the 5% commission you earned from selling premium accounts via your site and it will be held for 30 days before the premium payment is settled.
If the referrer disputes the payment within 30 days since he purchased the premium account, we will charge back that 5% commission on the purchase day. For example, if a referrer purchased a premium account (9.99 $) via your site on 1st June, and he disputed the payment on 5th June, we will charge back (0.4995 $) from you on 1st June instead of 5th June.